What is Jafudi?

What does Jafudi stand for?

Jafudi is an acronym for Just another [form of] diversity. As an attitude, it is key for me in winning the daily fight against my own obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The last syllable can also be spelled out as “disease” and the second syllable… well, I guess you can figure it out yourself.

Who are we?

We are a rapidly growing support group of currently nine individuals with OCD living in and around Heidelberg, Germany. The group has existed for over ten years but has been revived recently with a focus on people in their 20s and 30s as OCD normally has its onset in this age group. Also Heidelberg is a student city. Being members of the German association for OCD, we regularly meet with other support groups from Germany and attend conferences alongside professionals and doctors. Locally we strive to raise awareness for OCD and other mental health conditions by actively participating in events.

What purpose drives us?

At Jafudi we aim to develop the philosophy and technology that will enable creative minds with any form of diversity to enjoy mental and material well-being. Jafudi started as an idealistic moonshot idea of a near-lunatic (me, some time ago). Did you notice the pun with Latin, by the way? Never mind.
I was much encouraged by our self-help group of creative neurotics, mainly suffering from OCD. But of course, we are happy to include folks with other forms of or without (mental) disease into our movement as well :-). Our purpose is inclusion for everyone, powered by creative ideas!

What are our core values?

Three things we take very serious at Jafudi:
1. You as a lovable person
2. Your (mental) health condition
3. Your crazy innovative ideas to found a startup or whatever…

We want to help you on your way to:
=> Neutralize the fixed ideas that torment you with healing ones
=> Partner up with people strong in execution to leverage your inventive talent and live in dignity

Or in other words: We fight for more humanism and less social Darwinism.