Become an entrepreneur

Why could it be an option to start your own business?

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And how do I do that?

Y Combinator’s President Sam Altman: How to start a startup? (20 free videos); in particular I recommend Lecture 5 – Competition is for Losers (Peter Thiel)
Wikipedia: Entrepreneurship
Wikipedia: Digital Nomad
Fiverr – Find the perfect freelance services for your business

  1. Find your co-working space

    workfrom – Where the modern workforce goes to work

  2. Find like-minded people

    Jafudi’s profile on F6S
    Jafudi’s profile on AngelList and AngelList blog
    Jafudi on Kaggle
    Wikibooks: Crowdsourcing, the Wiki Way of Working

  3. Bootstrap your business

    What to Do When You Have Too Many Ideas and Not Enough Time?
    How to move forward when you have too many ideas?
    308 Free Templates for Organizing Your Marketing
    Find useful apps, web resources and gadgets on Product Hunt
    A curated directory of tools to grow your startup
    Ubersuggest – Free SEO keyword analyzer
    Jafudi on Kickstarter

  4. Protect intellectual property

    How to Sell Your Idea in Less Than 3 Minutes
    The currently most valuable startups in the world (TechCrunch Unicorn Leaderboard)
    What is intellectual property? (World Intellectual Property Organization) Technology Scouting in the US, Europe and Japan
    Wikipedia: Inventive step and non-obviousness
    Wikipedia: Prior art
    Wikipedia: Intellectual property
    Wikipedia: Non-disclosure agreement
    Cloem: Secure and improve your invention. Free algorithmic patenting

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