“OCD Natives” Support Group Heidelberg


Many people feel that they need to think or do certain things although they do not want to at all. If you recognize yourself in this, then you might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). As OCD can be a quite debilitating experience, it is of paramount importance to have someone to talk about it.

We are a support group in Heidelberg focussing on digital natives suffering from OCD. We want to help them redefine themselves as OCD Natives i.e. Obsessive Creative Digital Natives. Please note, though, that no support group can replace a therapy conducted by a professional therapist.

Whom is the group for?

The group is suitable for anyone suffering from any kind of OCD e.g. washing rituals, obsessive thoughts or compulsive checking. Relatives and supporters of patients are welcome as well. We facilitate exchange of individual experience with OCD and friendship. Our aim is to help people to eventually help themselves.

When do we meet?

The group meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month from 19.30 to 21.00 with the exception of national holidays. You can easily subscribe to our calendar feed by clicking the button below the list of appointments.

Do I have to register in advance?

Yes, please register no later than 6:00 p.m. on the respective Thursday via this table here or at: https://nuudel.digitalcourage.de/ocd

How do I get to the venue?

We meet at the Heidelberg Self-Help Centre which is quite close to Heidelberg main station. We recommend you to navigate to u0022Alte Eppelheimer Str. 38, 69115 Heidelbergu0022. Then enter through the gate and turn to the left backyard. Finally climb up the stairs, push the door open and look for room 1.8.

What are the meetups like?

We deliberately do not follow any rigid process. While there will always be an introduction round, after that everyone is free to share their experiences and thoughts. Urgent topics will be given priority. While not being professionals ourselves, we can share first hand experience about therapy and medication options on a best effort basis. Sometimes we might also go for a drink or snack afterwards.


Alte Eppelheimer Str. 40/1
Heidelberg 69115
Phone: +491608802852
Email: socialnets@jafudi.com


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