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Innovative in spite of mental illness: We believe in you!

Thinkers are by no means less courageous than doers

We believe that you have the ability to create your own very personal freedom. Freedom from mental constriction as well as freedom from economic constraints. But do not worry! We do not believe you have to do it all on your own.

At the beginning of freedom there is always an idea and the courage to express this idea. Ideas like:

  • “All people are equal.”
  • “All people have creative potential.”
  • “I do not feel bad because I’m a bad person, but because I have a mental illness. And this disease may even be treatable.”

Such personally and socially groundbreaking ideas are not a sufficient guarantee that the subsequent process will be successful. However, they are a necessary ingredient – in addition to stamina and competent support in the execution.

They just need the right partners

Stamina on the other hand is what many sufferers of mental illness already need to keep up their motivation and work hard towards their recovery, despite occasional relapses. At the same time, they are often world champions at being exponential. In other words, at producing highly creative solutions in sometimes very short windows of relatively unencumbered being, the fruits of which nurture them over periods of paralysis.

We want to help them reap those fruits. For themselves and for the the sake of society. After all, those who have proven that they have the courage to be mindful and reinvent themselves can certainly contribute to reinventing a people-oriented technology and society.

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Heidelberg: A mecca for inspiration and well-being

Do it like Mark Twain and stay in Heidelberg for a bit longer!

Where the wildly romantic Neckar valley opens into the sunny Rhine plain, lies Germany’s oldest student city. Since its foundation in 1386, the University of Heidelberg has produced a proud 56 Nobel laureates. Not least in the field of medicine: Anyone looking for first-class health care through specialists in Europe is definitely right in Heidelberg.

But even if you are not a medical tourist, your stay in this natural and culturally exciting city will have a vitalizing effect on you. Stand high above things during a walk along the world-famous Philosophers’ Path under impressing old trees and look down on the red roofs of the old town, which has not been destroyed by war.

After that you should have had enough appetite to dine in the noble hotel Hirschgasse or to enjoy a snack and a Palatinate beer in the hearty brewery Vetter (right after crossing the old bridge left). Stroll to your heart’s content through Europe’s longest pedestrian zone, the Main Street. Highly recommended are the freely configurable burgers in DIE KUH DIE LACHT am Uniplatz.

During coffee time, you can either look for a cozy spot in the conservatory of Café Schafheutle or sip an aromatic filter coffee at coffee nerd near Bismarckplatz while listening to a variety of music. The latter location is an insider tip if you are more of a digital nomad and would perhaps like to write a blog article about your experiences right away. Here you can not only practice people watching, but also get into conversation very well.

Overall, Heidelberg is characterized by a very pleasant social and cultural mix, which is particularly noticeable in the up-and-coming district of Bergheim. Students sit here next to business people, hipsters and families with children. Oriental grocery stores, organic supermarkets and four-star hotels are close to each other. A bit comparable to Berlin-Kreuzberg yet everything within walking distance.

Heidelberg is also well connected with traffic. Five different ICE lines are crossing here and as many lines of IC traffic. If you are traveling internationally, you have the choice between a 15-minute drive from City Airport Mannheim and a comfortable bus shuttle service from Frankfurt International Airport. Even a boat trip to or from Heidelberg is possible with the White Fleet.

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Which positive associations kept recurring?


Based on the below entries in free text fields

generically positive

  • positive and joyeous
  • attractive and outstanding
  • direct
  • sounds good

around food

diets and diaries

  • dining based on a special concept, e.g. a food diary
  • just move forward with your diet
  • joy about organic food, diet
  • just another foreign diet

exotic Asian food

  • Japanese and other Asian food is organic and has many varieties
  • Japanese food delivery, Asian supermarket
  • a food discovery trip

online delivery service

  • a tasty food service
  • yummy food
  • buy food on
  • an online shop for food and beverages
  • just amazing food

concepts spiritual self-improvement and organization

sports and meditation

  • a brand name for Yoga apparel
  • a variation of Kung Fu
  • an app for a sporty and healthy way of life
  • a spiritual concept

organizing one-self

  • jot down online diary in order to focus
  • an interesting self-reflection and reinvention program
  • an innovative set simple supportive framework or method like e.g. Marie Kondo
  • a tidy organizational concept,

fostering diversity

  • a solution for organizational diversity
  • Journalist are for open diversity, new movement
  • Juniors are founders of diversity
  • a relaxed attitude to life

characters or tribes of Africa or Asia

  • Hebrew language, a person of trust, someone to ask for advice
  • a beautiful/handsome rapper
  • an intergalactic Asian type character from a sci-fi movie
  • an Arabic male person in politics
  • a joyeous dance of an idigenous tribe, a way of life
  • a superb and ambitioned way of hunting

creative product design

  • abstract software
  • easy-to-use software
  • type of innovative foot ball, like Adidas Jabulani
  • creative concept for childrens’ toys, some toolkit
  • jelly