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Which positive associations kept recurring?


Based on the below entries in free text fields

generically positive

  • positive and joyeous
  • attractive and outstanding
  • direct
  • sounds good

around food

diets and diaries

  • dining based on a special concept, e.g. a food diary
  • just move forward with your diet
  • joy about organic food, diet
  • just another foreign diet

exotic Asian food

  • Japanese and other Asian food is organic and has many varieties
  • Japanese food delivery, Asian supermarket
  • a food discovery trip

online delivery service

  • a tasty food service
  • yummy food
  • buy food on
  • an online shop for food and beverages
  • just amazing food

concepts spiritual self-improvement and organization

sports and meditation

  • a brand name for Yoga apparel
  • a variation of Kung Fu
  • an app for a sporty and healthy way of life
  • a spiritual concept

organizing one-self

  • jot down online diary in order to focus
  • an interesting self-reflection and reinvention program
  • an innovative set simple supportive framework or method like e.g. Marie Kondo
  • a tidy organizational concept,

fostering diversity

  • a solution for organizational diversity
  • Journalist are for open diversity, new movement
  • Juniors are founders of diversity
  • a relaxed attitude to life

characters or tribes of Africa or Asia

  • Hebrew language, a person of trust, someone to ask for advice
  • a beautiful/handsome rapper
  • an intergalactic Asian type character from a sci-fi movie
  • an Arabic male person in politics
  • a joyeous dance of an idigenous tribe, a way of life
  • a superb and ambitioned way of hunting

creative product design

  • abstract software
  • easy-to-use software
  • type of innovative foot ball, like Adidas Jabulani
  • creative concept for childrens’ toys, some toolkit
  • jelly